Vintage Advertising Print Ads All 1951 Coke Beer Gas Movie/tv Stars Cars Cigars

Seller: sillbiz (148) 100%, Location: Lewisburg, Kentucky, Ships to: US, Item: 332985917757 THANKS FOR VIEWING THIS ITEM! Approximate total of full page/double page color and black & white ads included in this hardback: 731 (561 color & 170 black & white) plus hundreds of half-page, quarter-page or smaller ads, both color and black & white, not included in count of full/double page ads. Approximate Hardback measurements: L: 14 1/8" -- W: 11" - H: 3 1/2" Approximate Hardback weight: 18 Lbs. (free shipping of this heavy item is included in purchase price) My limited camera skills do not do the photos justice in relation to clarity & color. Some pictures may have glare from camera flash, and, though some yellowing may appear in photos, the pages themselves are not yellowed. Listing a lot of information since only 12 photos are posted. The picture with the 7-Up & Fatima Cigarettes print ads is on here so you can get an idea of what the print ads look like once you've unbound them - you do get the whole ad page once it has been separated from the binding. These print ads (7-Up & Fatima) were taken from the middle of one of the weekly issues from a different hardback that I took apart myself. This 7-Up/Fatima photo are not print ads that are from the hardback book that is up for auction now. This auction is for a hardback book of, I believe, every weekly issue of Life magazine from October through December 1951 - Keep the hardback intact or do as I've done in the past & remove it from the hardback binding to sell the pages individually (not easy to do but gives you plenty of print ads, articles, & photographs to sell one by one or in small lots) - Besides the value in the advertising print ads, some ads include movie themes, holiday themes, and writers, movie/tv stars (Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck, Natalie Wood, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Henry Fonda, Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan, David Niven, Liberace, Amos 'N' Andy, Groucho Marx, Jane Wyman, Charles Laughton, Agnes Moorehead, Jack Webb, Gloria DeHaven, Joan Blondell, Joan Crawford, Art Linkletter, Janet Leigh, Ray Milland, June Allyson, Leslie Caron, Dick Powell, Paul Douglas, Roy Rogers, Burgess Meredith, Red Grange) ***Breakdown of all color full page/double page print ads from all three months of magazines ("Color" could mean full, partial, minimal, or one color besides black & white): Beer: Budweiser (2), Schlitz (3), Pabst Blue Ribbon (2), Blatz (3), Carling's Red Cap Ale (2), United States Brewers Foundation (1) Liquor: Seagram's (8), Old Hickory Bourbon (4), Rums of Puerto Rico (3), Paul Jones Whiskey (3), Old Sunny Brook Whiskey (4), Old Grand-Dad (3), Schenley Whiskey (4), I. W. Harper Bourbon Whiskey (3), Imperial Whiskey (3), Hill And Hill Whiskey (1), Hunter Whiskey (3), Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey (3), Corby's Whiskey (3), Old Taylor Bourbon Whiskey (3), Kentucky Tavern Bourbon Whiskey (2), Calvert Whiskey (4), Four Roses Whiskey (3), Old Crow Whiskey (3), Canadian Club Whiskey (3), PM Whiskey (3), Brown-Forman's King Whiskey (3), Canada Dry Products - Sherry, Brandy, Creme De Menthe, etc. (1), Guckenheimer Whiskey (1), Fleischmann's Gin (1), Walker's Gin/Whiskey (2), Lord Calvert (2), Gilbey's Gin (1), Bellows (1), Glenmore Distilleries (1), U.S. Brewers Foundation (2), Arrow Brandy (1), Heublein's Club Cocktails (1), Coronet Brandy (1) Food/Drinks: Coke (3), 7-Up (3), Royal Crown Cola (1), Canada Dry (1), Borden's Products (6), Campbell's Soups (13), Gerber's (1), Whitman's Chocolates (2), Pillsbury Cakes/Pie Crusts/Pancakes/Sioux Bee Honey/Honey-Mince Coffee Cake (8), Post's Sugar Crisp (1), Libby's Foods (5), Hunt's Tomato Sauce/Ketchup (6), American Meat Institute (4), Bisquick/Lake Shore Honey (2), Lifesavers (3), Del Monte Foods (1), Star-Kist Tuna (1), Tea Council Hot Tea (3), Sunshine Hydrox Cookies/Hi Ho Crackers (2), Heinz Products (2), Maxwell House (3), Kraft Products (2), Birds Eye Products (2), Ann Page Foods (1), Minute Rice (2), Green Giant (3), Ralston Instant Whole Wheat Cereal/Wheat Chex (4), Junior Mints (1), Karo Syrup/Armour Pork Sausage/Bisquick (1), Kellogg's Rice Krispies (2), Jell-O Products (2) Swanson Chicken Fricassee & Uncle Ben's Rice (1), Florida Citrus Commission (3) S & W Glace Cake Mix (2), A&P Supermarkets (3), Morrell Food Products (2), Betty Crocker (2), Van Camp's (1), Lucky Leaf (1), Dromedary Dates (1), Beech-Nut Gum (1), Morton Salt (1), Cream Of Wheat (1), Ritz Crackers (1), Sealtest Products (1), Corn Products Refining Co. - Sweet Rolls/Donuts (1), Brach's Candy (1), Planters Nuts (1), Nestle's Quik (1), Reddi-wip (1), California Fruit Cocktail (1), Wheaties (1), A&P (1), Nucoa Oleomargarine (1) Appliances: Crosley TV/Frig (3), Motorola TV (5), Sylvania TV/Radios (4), Domestic Sewing Machine Co. (1), Maytag Appliances (1), General Electric TV/Clocks/Vacuums/Frigs/Toasters (12), Philco TV (4), Westinghouse Appliances/Bed Coverings (4), Frigidaire Refrigerators, etc. (2), Sunbeam Toaster/Mixer/Coffeemaker (10), Stromberg-Carlson TV (2), Lewyt Vacuum Cleaner (2), Hoover Vacuum Cleaners (2), Admiral Appliances, Magnavox TV/Radio/Phonograph (2), Norge Appliances (1), Zenith TV (2), RCA (3), Arvin TV (1), Thor Washer (1), Raytheon TV (1), Western Auto TV/Radio (2), Telechron Radios (1), Singer Sewing Machine (1), Western Electric/Bell Telephone (1) Cigarettes/Pipes/Cigars: Lucky Strike (4), Chesterfield (4), Old Gold (5), Robt. Burns Panatela de Luxe/Cigarillos/Cigars (3), Camel (5), Pall Mall (3), Fatima (2), Herbert Tareyton (2), Kaywoodie Pipes (1), White Owl (1) Cars/Semis/Bus: Nash Airflyte (3), Packard Motor Car (2), Buick (4), Ford (5), Studebaker (2), Pontiac (2), Hertz Rent A Car (1), REO Trucks (1), General Motors (1), Dodge (1), Greyhound (1), Oldsmobile (1) Plymouth (1) Gas: Mobilgas (2), Ethyl Corp. (1), Texaco (1) Miscellaneous Automotive-Related: AC Spark Plugs (3), Shell Oil (3), Ramsey Corp. - piston rings (2), Western Auto Wizard-ized Engines (2), Ford V-8 Engine (1), Prestone Anti-Freeze (3), U.S. Royal Master Tires (1), Champion Spark Plugs (3), Goodyear Tires/Pillows (5), Texaco Anti-Freeze (1), Firestone (1), Exide Battery (1), Havoline Oil (1), Quaker State Oil (1), Studebaker Commander V-8 Engine (1), Ford Motor Co. - The American Road (1) Shaving/Hair: Jeris Shaving & Hair Tonics (1), Sunbeam Shaver (4), Schick Electric Shaver (7), Lustre-Creme Shampoo (2), Remington Shaver (1), Roux Color Shampoo (1), Gainsborough Brushes (2) Clothes: Corette - women's undergarments (1), Holeproof Hosiery Co., (1), Life Stride Shoes/Brown Shoe Co. (1), Neolite Soles (4), W. L. Douglas Shoe Company (1), McGregor Sportswear (3), Van Raalte Gloves/Nylons/Slips (3), United States Rubber Co. (2), Arrow Shirts (3), Van Heusen Shirts (5), Carter's Family Clothes (1), E-Z Mills Inc. - underwear, sleepwear, hosiery (1), Forstmann Woolen Co. (4), Lee Hats (3), Berkshire Stockings (1), Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits (1), Peter Pan Bras (1), Bond's Menswear (4), Mojud Sheer Stockings (2) American Biltrite Soles (1), Kayser Hosiery/Gloves/Lingerie (1), Thom McAn Shoes (2), Haband Ties (1), Manhattan Shirts (1), Crown-Headlight Work & Play Clothes (1), Cannon Mills - nylons, sheets, towels, blankets, bedspreads (1), Mishawaka Rubber & Woolen Mfg. Co. (1), University Socks (1), Jarman Shoes (1), Ship 'N Shore Blouses (1), Wembley's - ties (1), Interwoven Socks (1) Books/Magazines: World Book Encyclopedia (2) Oral Hygiene: Dr. West's Miracle Tuft Toothbrushes (2), Clorets (1) Miscellaneous Household/Office/Personal Items: Westmorland Sterling (1), Alexander Smith Carpets (2), Royal China, Inc. (1), Oneida Silverplate (2), Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses (2), Scotch Tape (4), Kotex (2), Wadsworth Watches/Compacts (2), Soft-Weve Toilet Paper (1), Kodak (5), Revlon (1), Proctor & Gamble/Joy/Ivory/Spic and Span (1), B. F. Goodrich Koroseal Flexible Materials - upholstery, drapes, shower curtains, etc. (1), Westinghouse (4), Yes Tissues (2), McKesson & Robbins Inc. - Lavoris/Personna Shaving Blades/Serutan Laxative/One A Day Vitamins/Alka Seltzer/Listerine Toothpaste/Ace Combs (5), General Electric (4), Brillo Pads (1), Englander Mattress/Goodyear (1), Firestone Velon Upholstery Materials/Appliances (2), Curity First-Aid (1), Elgin Watches (3), Avon (2), Rogers Bros. Silverplate (4), Fieldcrest Electric Blankets (1), Gibson's Christmas Cards (4), IBM Electric Typewriters (2), Swiss Federation Of Watch Manufacturers (2), Kentile Flooring (1), Lane Cedar Chests/Furniture (4), Daystrom Furniture (2), Holmes & Edwards Silverplate (1), Western Electric - manufacturer of the Bell Telephone System (1), Kem-Tone Paint (1), Eversharp Gold-Point Pen/Pencil (2), Gold Seal Glass Wax (1), Tide (4), Pond's (2), Libbey Glass (1), Ivory Soap (1), Thayer Baby Carriages (1), De Beers Diamonds (2), Max Factor (4), Chatham Blankets/Electric Blankets (2), Frostilla Fragrant Lotion (1), Watchmakers of Switzerland (1), Scotties Tissues (1), Community Silverplate (2), Telechron Clocks (1), Swank Tie Klips/Cuff Links (2), Cannon - towels/face cloths/sheets/pillow cases (3), Lionel Trains (1), Helbros Watches (1), Borg Scales (1), Hamilton Watches (1), Wamsutta - sheets/towels (1), Sheaffer's - pens/pencils (2), Bell Telephone System (1), Hickok Jewelry, etc. (2), Gaines Dog Food (1), Parker Pens/Lighters (3), Band-Aid (2), Playtex Pillows (1), Pro-phy-lac-tic Brush Co. (1), Coty - perfume/make-up (1), Risley's - cologne, shaving lotion, talcum, perfume, bubble bath, soap (1), Koolfoam Pillow (1), Trifari Jewelry (1), Ronson Lighters (1), Royal Typewriters (1), Cosco - stools/chairs/utility tables (1), Scripto Pens (1), Schwinn (1), Yardley (1), Prince Gardner wallets - (1), Houbigant - perfumes (1), Zippo Lighters (1), Esterbrook Pens (1), Samsonite Luggage (1), Bourjois - perfumes (1), Rexall Drug Store (1), Buxton - billfolds/key-tainers (1) Aircraft-Related: United Aircraft Corp./Sikorsky Helicopters/Pratt & Whitney Engines (2), Douglas Aircrafts (2), Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp./Convair-Liner (1), American Airlines (1), Lockheed (1) Additional Miscellaneous: The Blue Veil (1 - movie) - The Golden Horde of Genghis Khan (1 - movie), An American In Paris (1 - movie), U.S. Army (2), Borg-Warner - Farm Equipment, Aviation, Marine, Automotive, Home Appliances (2), John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. (3), U.S. Air Force (1), The Advertising Council - CARE packages, war bonds, etc. (1) ***Breakdown of all black & white full page/double page print ads from all three months of magazines: Beer: Ballentine's Ale (3) Liquor: Walker's DeLuxe Bourbon Whiskey (2), Black & White Scotch Whiskey (1) Food/Drinks: Kellogg's Gro-Pup Dog Food (1), Nucoa Oleo Margarine (1), Pablum Cereals - Mead Johnson (1), Borden's Starlac Nonfat Milk (1) Appliances: RCA Victor TV/Radios/Record Players (4), Crosley TV/Frig/Stoves/Freezers/Radios (1), General Electric TV Tubes/Dishwashers (3), Admiral TV (2), A-B-C-0-Matic Washer (1), Stromberg-Carlson (1) Cars/Semis: Kaiser (1), Chevrolet (2), DeSoto (1), Henry J Automobiles (1), Chrysler (1) Gas: Ethyl Gas Corporation (2), American Petroleum Institute (1) Miscellaneous Automotive-Related: B. F. Goodrich Tires (2), Royal Triton Motor Oil (1), Lee Tires (2), Chrysler Brakes (1) Shaving/Hair: Pal Hollow Ground Shaving Blades (3), Prom Home Permanents (2), Miss Clairol (1), Rayve Creme Shampoo (1), Rayve Creme Shampoo (1) Clothes: Playtex (5), Sanforized (4), Burlington Mills Stockings (4), Warner's Bras (3), Celanese Corp - Acetate, The Beauty Fiber (1), Jayson Shirts (1), Charode Bras/Sears, Roebuck (1), Albert-Richard Winter Coats (1), Kleinert's Baby Products (1), Esquire Socks (1) Books/Magazines: Houses Magazine (1 - in association with Time & Life magazines) Oral Hygiene: Pepsodent (5), Ipana Toothpaste (3), Squibb Toothbrush & Dental Cream (1), Colgate (1) Miscellaneous Personal/Household/Office Items: Bell Telephone (2), Royal Typewriters (2), Hammond Organs (2), Jergens Lotion (3), RCA Victor Records (2), Pond's Beauty Tissues (4), Bridgeport Aer*A*Sol Products (1), Curity Curads Bandages (1), Bufferin (2), Squibb Pharmaceuticals (4), Seth Thomas Watches (3), Fresh Cream Deodorant & Bath Soap (2), Honeywell Thermostats (3), Dayton Koolfoam Pillow (2), Rexall Drug Stores (2), O-Cedar Wood Polish/Mop (2), Solitair Make-Up (1), Vacheron & Constantine - Le Coultre/Longines-Wittnauer Watch/Clock Co. (6), Ronson Lighters (1), Scot Tissue (2), Stanley Home Products (1), Keepsake Diamond Rings (1), Miss Clairol (1), Holmes & Edwards Silverplate (2), Wadsworth Watches (2), Dixie Cups (1), Listerine (1), Celanese Fabrics (2), Playtex Drypers (1), Wearever Pens/Pencils (1), Kleenex Tissues (1), Air-Wick (1), Parker Lighters (1), Amsco Doll-E-Toys (1), American Toy Institute (3), Croton Watches (1), Milton Bradley (1), Kellogg's Gro-Pup Dog Food (1), American Flyer Trains (1), Gruen Watches (1), Ansco Film (1), Tums (1) Aircraft-Related: Lockheed (1) Additional Miscellaneous: State Of Israel Bonds (1), Statler Hotels (3), Lackawanna Railroad (1), New York Life Ins. Co. (3), Association Of American Railroads (1), Pullman (2) Borg-Warner Products - underwater vacuum cleaners, metal gears, vehicle overdrives, navy fighter planes, etc. (1), Natural Rubber Bureau - rubber trees (2), New York Central Train (1), U.S. Defense Bonds (1), Mosler Safe Co. (1) Not included in the print ads which are listed in the full & double page breakdowns listed above are 100s of half-page, quarter-page or smaller ads, both black & white and color, including, but not necessarily limited to: Bendix Home Appliances, Yami Yogurt, Bromo-Seltzer, Fitch Shampoo, Chase & Sanborn Coffee, Ford, Burroughs Adding Machine Co., Texcel Cellophane Tape, Keepsake Diamond Rings, General Electric TV/Toasters/clocks, Ronsonol Lighter Fuel, Formfit Co. (women's undergarments), Fleischmann's Whiskey/Gin, Ayds Candy, PurOlator Oil Filter, Sanka Coffee, Auto-Lite Spark Plugs, Mobil Anti-Freeze, Bellows Whiskey, Sexton Detergent, Holmes & Edwards Silverplate, Johnson & Johnson Baid-Aid, Mennen Talcum, Anacin Aspirin, Rock-Knit Coats, River Brand Rice, Vicks Inhaler, Sunshine Cheez-It, Vitalis, Kiwi Shoe Polish, Green Giant, Phillips Milk of Magnesia, d-CON Poison, Absorbine Jr., Quaker State Motor Oil, Personna Shaving Blades, Lord Calvert Whiskey, Bayer Aspirin, Vaseline Hair Tonic, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, Lee Hats, Yardley Products, Kleinert's Hairnets, Shasta Cream Shampoo, Boraxo Soap, Park & Tilford Whiskey, Spun-lo (women's undergarments), Raytheon TV, Delco Battery, Kentucky Club Pipe Tobacco, Proctor Toasters, Dickie's Work Clothes, Libbey Glass, Arvin TV, Medley Brothers Bourbon Whiskey, Uncle Ben's Rice, Swank Jewelry, Cream of Wheat, Southern Comfort Liquor, Purepac Health Aids, Girard Perregaux Watches, Kaywoodie Pipes, Ace Combs, Texaco Marfak Chassis Lubrication, Willard Battery, Barbasol Shaving Cream, Alligator Rainwear, Red Heart Dog Food, Camfield Toaster, Dunhill De*Nicotea Filter Holder, Palmolive After Shave, Bartelde's T-N-T Popcorn, Tums, Briggs Pipe Tobacco, Guckenheimer Whiskey, ChapStick, Clorox Bleach, Fleers Double Bubble Gum, Vick's Cough Drops, Buxton Billfolds, Polident, Gillette, Lester Pianos, J. R. Woods & Sons Diamond Rings, Schick, Prest-O-Lite Car Battery, Mutual Life Ins. Of NY, Van Heusen Shirts, Duo-Therm Home Heater, Jeris Shaving/Hair Toiletries, Mobil Batteries, Singer Vacuum Cleaners, Cat's Paw Rubber Heels & Soles, Hartford Ins. Co., Old Spice, Kellogg's Gro-Pup Dog Food, Bostonian Shoes, Freshies Breath Mints, Veedol Motor Oil, Hiram Walker's Creme de Cacao, Natural Bridge Shoes, Zippo Lighters, Arrow Blackberry Flavored Brandy, Lee Work Clothes, Association Of American Railroads, Movado Watches, Ovaltine, Heublein's Cocktails, Haig & Haig Scotch Whiskey, Oster Appliances, Prim Hosiery, JujyFruits, Milk-Bone, Lincoln National Life Ins. Co., Esquire Boot Polish, Pullman Co. Train Sleeper Cars, Rolls Razor, Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia, Thermos Bottle Co., Sergeant's Dog Products, Underwood Deviled Ham, Waterman's Ball Point Pens, Tampax, Coronet Brandy, Royal Crown Cola, Jockey Underwear, Borg Scale, Luden's Cough Drops, Britannica Junior, Vaseline Cream Hair Tonic, Florsheim Shoes, Sunshine Cheez-It, Cocomalt, Kleenex Tissues, Nestle's Quik, Ansco Plenachrome All-Weather Film, Necchi Sewing Machine, Black & White Scotch Whiskey, Franco-American Spaghetti, Gordon's Gin, Nunn-Bush Shoes, AC Fuel Pumps, Muralo Spackle, F.T.D. (Florists' Telegraph Delivery), Gilbey's Gin, Hall-Mack Bathroom Accessories, Ex-Lax, Colgate Dental Creme, Kellog's Pep Wheat Flakes, Doughboy Inflated Plastic Toys (Trigger, Santa, Clowns, Playhouses), Sir John Schenley Whiskey, Eveready Hearing-Aid Batteries, Serviset by Sutherland Paper Co., Canada Dry Water, Rockwood Chocolate Wafers, Yellow Pages, Haig & Haig Blended Whiskey, Ovaltine, Pennsylvania Oil, Fatima Cigarettes, Arrow Creme de Menthe, Arranbee Doll Company Some ads are on the back of other ads. Most times the half-page, quarter-page & smaller ads are listed multiple times in the magazines. I may have inadvertently listed a brand name more than once. Though I do my best to be accurate, there is a possibility that in the full/double page breakdowns above, I may have listed a color ad under black & white (or vice versa). Some pages have rips/tears/creases/imperfections - I did not include those in the number counts of the breakdowns. Pages tear easily so use extra care when handling them. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING EACH ISSUE: October 1, 1951 issue: 136 pages including cover & back - Cover features Princess Elizabeth - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Fashion Photographer Fernand Fonssagrives, A Big Laugh On The Law (How Harry Gross Worked A Super Doublecross), Once Again The Boston Red Sox Choke Up, Editorial On Taft & McCarthy, Death Of A Stout Ship (America's Oldest Yacht), Preserving Our Liberties (Declaration of Independence & Constitution Of The U.S. Sealed In Helium Forever), The Prado Museum, Arizona Big Scorpion Roundup, Is This Play Too Racy For Broadway (The Little Hut - a sex comedy) October 8, 1951 issue: 192 pages including cover & back - Cover features The Lazy Life Of A Slow Loris - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Baseball's Greatest Final Week, House At Sea, Old Lady's Haul (Georgia police bloodhound), Nude Is News In Nashville, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, The Case For Seafood, Memoirs Of Winston Churchill Vol. 5, How To Make Marines, POOL - Its Players & Its Sharks, Short Ball Gowns, Colorado Trout Scramble October 15, 1951 issue: 188 pages including cover & back - Cover features Zsa Zsa Gabor - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Churchill Attacks Too Many Muddles, PEACE - President Truman Should Break Stalin's Monopoly Of The Word With More American Examples, Governors Talk About Who Should Be President in 1952 - Dwight D. Eisenhouser or Harry Truman, Three Blasts At Joe McCarthy, DeLuxe Strike At Douglas Aircraft Plant, Confederate Flag Reaches A New Popularity, White Tiger, The Forrestal Diaries, Columbus' Santa Maria, Oil Rush in North Dakota, The New "Mister Big" Of Boxing October 22, 1951 issue: 164 pages including cover & back - Cover features Bronc Rider Casey Tibbs - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: The Sufferings Of Presidents At The Hands Of Cartoonists, All Along The Front In Korea, A Gangster Is Buried In The Old-Time Style (Guarino "Willie" Moretti), Entire Town of Nahma Michigan Sold, Islands Of Ice May Serve As Floating Bases, Red Skelton - Rubber Face On TV, The Suez Canal, War Memories Of Winston Churchill - The Controversies Of Teheran - Stalin, F.D.R., Churchill, North Lawrence Kansas Flood Clean-Up October 29, 1951 issue: 144 pages including cover & back - Cover features Props For TV - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Southern Cal's Frank Gifford's 69 Yard Touchdown Run, Korean War's Heartbreak Ridge, Robert A. Taft "Mr. Republican", More Troubles In Moslem World, A New 3-Bedroom House For $25 Down, Kilgore College's Rangerettes, Winston Churchill War Memoirs History's Greatest Invasion, Judy Garland Comes Back, Josef Stalin Growth Of A Despot, Ogden Nash's Daughter's Wedding November 5, 1951 issue: 172 pages including cover & back - Cover features Ginger Rogers - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: People Of Britain Choose Churchill, A War Bride Named "Blue" Comes Home, Yellow Fever's Enemy Gets The Nobel Prize, Dorothy Dandridge Shy No More, How To Save Money When Buying Meat, Port Of New York, Travel Agent Dream Tour November 12, 1951: 168 pages including cover & back - Cover features Anthony Eden (Churchill's Heir Apparent) - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Politics: Very Warm For '51 (Frank McKinney), Ike Comes Home (Gen. Eisenhower), The Middle East, Wherever You Look There's Danger In Las Vegas, New Weapon For The GIs (atomic bombs), A Royal Victory (Elizabeth & Philip), Stuck On An Alp, Feininger & Sons (American modern artist Lyonel Feininger), Rugged Road To Iron Ore, Leader Of A Revival (Princeton Football Coach Charlie Caldwell), Scandals Results In Real Reforms (mental hospitals) November 19, 1951: 188 pages including cover & back - Cover features Broadway's Helen Hunt, Lynn Fontanne, & Katherine Cornell - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: America Goes A-Hunting, A Stand At Suez, March Of Death (Munich), Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner Get Married, Baltimore's Lonely Big Airport, Latest In Luggage, Paris' Cordon Bleu School, 200 Years Of U.S. Theater, Biggest Ocean Harvest (commercial fishing), Truman Administration's Worst Scandal Found Throughout Bureau of Internal Revenue, Life Goes On A Gorilla Hunt November 26, 1951: 152 pages including cover & back - Cover features Regina Fisher (Life's winner of The Young Photographer's Contest - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Moody Musings On The Subway, Prize Photographs Of The Winners Of The Young Photographers Contest, Life Hits Atlanta, Louisiana Road Show, Campus Fun Scotch Style, "Bitter Birds" Return (Navy Fliers), Labor Helps Out The Boss, Henri Matisse (artist), Land Of The Devil (Albania) December 3, 1951: 188 pages including cover & back - Cover features Christmas Lingerie - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Floods Bring Disaster In Italy, Tokyo Luxury Bath Investigated, Steel Starts A Scrap Hunt (shortage in mills), Lion In Class, A Tie-Up In Tuna, The Top Banana: Phil Silvers, It's Usually Rabbit (fur shoppers), Stream Pollution, Chimp That Can Talk, Gift Lingerie, Best Toys To Give The Younger Child, Midwife Maude Callen, Shrine For Pocohontas, A Marine Tells His Father What Korea Is Really Like December 10, 1951: 180 pages including cover & back - Cover features President Harry Truman - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Inside MIG Alley (Northwest Korea), Washington's Biggest Headache, Silence Descends On The City (NYC), Noise Rocks A Desert (1st underground A-bomb blast tests shelters), British Tidy Up As Egypt Boils, Martini Heresy, More & More Pupils (school overcrowding), A Visit From St. Nicholas, Audrey (Hepburn) Is A Hit, Sick 'Em Soccer (dog soccer in Swiss circus), Light At Lourdes, How Much Food Do Kids Need, Our Underwater Defense (Navy), Golden Days Of The West (Teddy Roosevelt & The Rough Riders), Life Goes Polynesian In Pasadena December 17, 1951: 140 pages including cover & back - Cover features Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Tribute To The Working Man, The U.S. Public Gets A Noseful (lie-detectors), Tito Frees A Defiant Archbishop, The No Man's Land Of Cease-Fire (Korea), Doll For Negro Children (new toy), Boy Scouts Report On "Good-Turn Night", Radium Victim No. 41, Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier Play Shaw & Shakespeare, How To Carve Six Roasts, Satellites In Arms, New Way To See Living Things (studying microscopic creatures & human tissue with colored polarized light) December 24, 1951: 80 pages including cover & back - Cover features The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, Jesus) - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Agile Ibexes Lead A High-Wire Life In The Alps, The Best Present: A Family (military families), Snow Brings Woe: All Stop & No Go, The Religion Jesus Founded, As Prophesied, Doom Explodes From Hibokhibok (volcano), Artist Tintoretto's Story Of Christ, Bad Little Good Girl (Julie Harris), The Philharmonic's 5,000th Concert, The Plight Of The Holy Places (Old City of Jerusalem), Children's TV Shows (Howdy Doody, Mr. Wizard, Kukla, Fran & Ollie December 31, 1951: 94 pages including cover & back - Cover features Asia: Its Troubles & Opportunities - Articles with pictures include but are not limited to: Three Views Of Asia, Rise Of The Red Star (China), This Is How Chinese Fight (a Russian-style modernization), What Asians Think Of U.S. Policy, Bangkok, The Yellow-Robed Path To Nirvana (Buddhism), The Mind Of Asia, A Festival On The Yellow River, Film Queens Of Asia, Life-Giving Monsoon, Medical Missionary, The Example Of Japan, New Era For Afghans, Oil From A Sandy Sheikdom, Beach Of Passionate Love (Malaya) Very careful, protective packaging to prevent damage are included in the free shipping for this item which will be mailed within 3 days after I've received winning bidder's cleared payment. Payment is expected within 2 days from the end of the auction. Tennessee residents must pay 9.25% sales tax - please wait for revised invoice before checking out/paying if, as the winning bidder, you live in Tennessee. Contiguous Bidding & Shipping To The Adjoining 48 States In The U.S. Only. ATTENTION ALL BIDDERS/BUYERS/PURCHASERS: Please be aware that only bidders/buyers/purchasers that DO NOT use a mail and/or package forwarding service/company/business/zip code as their shipping address may bid on, buy, or purchase this item. The sale of this item WILL BE cancelled & money refunded should anyone bid on, buy, or purchase this item and provide a shipping address that is a mail and/or package forwarding service/company/business/zip code with the intention of the forwarding service, etc. then shipping this item to buyer, etc. outside of the adjoining 48 states in the United States or internationally. Returns only accepted if I failed to list any major damage/defects from descriptions. Damage/defect descriptions may be shown either in photos or written in listing - it does not mean it is in both so please make sure you examine the photos carefully. Buyer pays return shipping and insurance. I must be notified within the first 24 hrs. after item's arrival & item must be returned, in the same condition it was sent, within 3 days of its arrival. Item must be returned in original box & packaging used by Seller. Shipping & insurance charges are non-refundable. Insights Exclusive
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